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Software Development

Software development is a daunting task. For the typical small or medium-sized business, it can feel downright impossible. You can’t actually develop your own original software, right? Certainly, that would take a huge budget, a long timeline, and tons of experience.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that scary. Sure, you might not have the in-house ability to get this done, but Silverton Software is ready to help. We have the experience and know-how necessary to develop impressive software applications without blowing through your budgetary restrictions.

Web-Based Applications

The days of needing to install a program locally on your computer are (mostly) in the past. Today, a majority of computing is done ‘in the cloud’, meaning the application is accessible via the internet. We can build web-based applications to provide your business with the flexibility and versatility you need to keep up with changing market conditions.

Phone Apps

If you have a team which is on their phones more than their computers, a custom-designed phone app may be the way to go. We offer native iOS and Android development, making it easy to put the necessary information in front of your employees, no matter where they are. Those working for your business are already using their phones throughout the day, so offering them an app which is integrated with your business makes a lot of sense.

We Are Up to the Challenge

No matter what you have in mind for your software development project, we’d love to chat. Our team is not afraid of a challenge, as we’ve tackled many tough jobs before. Some examples of applications we’ve already developed include the following –

  • Automated customer follow-up emails and text messages
  • Inventory tracker
  • Employee job schedule and location tracking
  • Inbound phone call routing based on call source and time of day
  • Multi-number text messaging centralized dispatching

Don’t give up on the idea of having your own custom software application before talking with Silverton Software. We’d love to serve you – contact us today to get started!