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5 Keys to Superior Web Design

Great web design matters. When trying to carve out a market for yourself on the highly-competitive web, you need to make sure that you take every opportunity to impress your customers or clients. Even if you have excellent copy on your pages, and even if you offer an outstanding product or service, you can be undone by poor web design.

There are a few reasons web design is important. First, a clean, organized design reflects well on your business, showing that you care enough to present a professional site. Also, when your site looks good, the visitor will have an easier time consuming the content that you have presented. A messy, crowded site simply gets in the way of your ability to deliver a message.

Knowing that good web design is important, how do you make it happen? When you work with Silverton Software, it’s easy. We take care of everything, including hitting on each of the five web design keys listed below.

#1 – Easy to Use

This one lands at the top of the list because the experience visitors have on your site will go a long way toward determining whether or not they choose to engage with your business. If a visitor has a certain action in mind they would like to take, or if they are looking for a specific piece of information, they shouldn’t have to hunt around the page to find it. Navigation should be a breeze, and all important pages should be readily available.

#2 – Looks Great

When your home page loads and a customer sees it for the first time, the impression you make is critical. Are they immediately happy with what they find, and curious to explore further? Or are they so put off by the design that they just click the ‘back’ button and look for another business to visit? We will make sure all of your pages are visually appealing, so you can be proud to put your site out there for the world to see.

#3 – It Converts

At the end of the day, your goal with a website is to convince the visitors on that site to take some predetermined action. That action might be to join a mailing list, or it may be to order a product or service. Whatever the case, a successful website is one which converts at a high rate.

#4 – Growing Traffic

It’s hard to feel like your website is a winner if you aren’t getting much traffic. In addition to designing and publishing a beautiful site, it’s also necessary to have a digital marketing plan which will put your site in front of as many potential clients or customers as possible.

#5 – Worthwhile Content

One relatively common mistake made in the web design world is to build a visually stunning site – only to fill it with lousy, useless content. Don’t cut corners on this crucial piece of the puzzle. With content that provides value and informs your visitors, your site will have a purpose and everything it needs to thrive.

Thank you for visiting Silverton Software. If you would like to get started on creating your own stunning website, please contact us right away for more information.